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Attribute Options Default Description
user string '' User who created it
fiddleid string '' The ID of the Fiddle
skin light, presentation light The skin layout
tabs result,js,html,css (ORDER matters) result,js,html The tabs that are going to be rendered
width int 800 The width of the element
height int 300 The height of the element
<embed-jsfiddle user="softvar" fiddleid="xkBG7" tabs="result,html,css" ></embed-jsfiddle>

<embed-jsfiddle user="softvar" fiddleid="8Ed6W/1" tabs="result,css,html" width="650" height="500"></embed-jsfiddle>

<embed-jsfiddle user="softvar" fiddleid="9hrcp" tabs="html,js,result" skin="presentation"></embed-jsfiddle>


No information provided, jsfiddle's by-default template